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  1. trying to identify the Persol square aviators worn by Robert Downey in endgame, you can tell by the Persol arrow

  2. That's correct, the Persol identification on the sunglasses is very clear to see in the film. Hopefully we'll work out which models sunglasses they are very soon.

  3. Anyone knows which Sunglasses Tony had at the beginning? When he comes back to Earth and Sits in the Chair?

  4. They are Mosley Tribes bromley Havana. As seen in the hangover 2 worn by Chan and Alan. Lenses were swapped. Discontinued

    13 June 2019 at 10:41

  5. I've carefully been analyzing the Oliver People Bernardo and the glasses Tony wears at the end of Civil War. There are some pretty big differences. Oliver People's signature dots are missing on Tony's pair as well as the emblem at the end of the stem. And the bridge on the Bernardo goes straight across while Tony's bridge has a slight dip…

    Does anyone know what the actual sunglasses are from the movie? The bernardo seem like an extremely similar match but not quite correct

  6. It's funny how this article posts that after careful research they discovered they were Dior BlackTie 137 807 when it was in fact I that posted it lol

  7. Hi Tony Stark,
    Thanks for all your help, we spend as much time as we can to identify eyewear in movies as best we can, or at least provide a very close match, but we really appreciate it when our readers can also help us identify specific frames worn. And for that, we thank you, and hope you would be happy to continue to contribute to our active community of comments in the future.
    We’ll update the post as soon as we can to acknowledge your help 😉

  8. I am a luxury eyewear dealer located in Toronto Canada.

    1) The Tom Ford frame worm by Tony is not the Stacy as someone incorrectly said. Its the Johnson or model # FT0453

    2) I have two pairs of BRAND NEW DIOR BLACK TIE 137 frames for sale. As soon as I found out how rare they are now I thought I should give Tony Stark/Iron Man fans and collectors first dibs before they go on ebay.

    You can look me up or contact me on IG at Ideal_Optical if you are interested in getting a pair. I can even have the lenses with the custom tint cut out and installed into the frames as well for the complete look

    I also am an authorized dealer for DITA who manufacture the iconic Flight .006 worn by Tony and now Peter Parker in the upcoming Spiderman. If you are looking for a legitmate source for the genuine product.

  9. I know what model the persol are and i also know the other pair that's used in the brainstorming scene But seeing as people on here are trying to make $ on others hard work im deciding not to post the information

  10. Its not some classified information Mr. Stark.

    For the rest of you guys,

    The Persol are model 2430s but good luck finding any as they are long discontinued.

    The brainstorming ones are Hugo Boss HB 0680 which is also an older discontinued frame.

  11. Hey guys, I just recieved the Dior Blacktie 137 frames today!! They're absolutely mint with all the original packaging. Pics can be found on IG @ideal_optical.

    I also looked into the HB 0680 from the brainstorming scene. Its actually still available however the black colourway is on backorder for the forseeable future.

  12. Has anyone been able to figure out what glasses Tony is wearing at the end of Captain America Civil War when he arrived at the Avengers compound and steps out of his car? They are not the Dior Black Tie 137 or the Oliver Peoples Bernardo. The OP Bernardo have some key differences when you analyze a few still frames from that scene.

  13. I have watched the Civil War end scene and its very diffcult to id those glasses as there is no close up and its a quick scene.

    An update on the Dior Black Tie 137, wow!! 2 framea sold before I had even gotten my hands on them and one just went for $600 USD to a Japanese buyer.

    These things are super in demand and I currently only have 1 piece left. Picture are on instagram @ideal_optical as of next week I will just ebay them as its literally the last one left on the market in the world.

  14. Hey guys, just to let you all know I have the official DITA custom blue lenses as worn in the movie in stock. These are etched with the DITA logo as well. It is lenses ONLY for sale. I can be contacted via IG @Ideal_Optical

  15. what brand are the glasses tony stark wears in iron man 3? you know, the ones he wears in the hardware store when he’s undercover.

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